Thought For Food will host a series of food experiences along the theme of mechanical gastronomy, where we observe the intersection of food and mechanical processes. Starting with human tools and evolving (devolving?) into computerized robotics, the series will be an adventurous meal for people who love to eat and think about how and what they eat.

Lisa Mishima

Food and art have always been a part of my life, but they were separate passions. Once I discovered that they could be combined, food became my favorite medium to work with. As a designer at Autofuss, my work ranges from storyboarding motiongraphics, to making laser engraved macarons.

Randall Stowell

I was raised on spam, casseroles and frozen beans in suburbia. Every life decision since has been a rebellion of those roots. Along the way, I’ve become obsessed with deconstructing everything bought in a conventional grocer. When I’m not trying to make the perfect pizza, I’m growing my creative production company Autofuss.

Yvonne Mouser

As a child I lived among hay fields and oak trees on a farm that bred exotic animals. These days my farm is a city garden with a single cat and red worms. I harvest, prepare, and cook the garden’s produce and the process is now finding its way into my work. As a furniture designer, artist, and maker I work on projects throughout the bay area and a new line of household products includes vegetable cages, kitchen tools and dining furniture.